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Passover Songs

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  Title Lyrics Music Time
1 Great Joy Bilha Jaffe Yedidia Admon 1:53
2 Holiday for Me Lea Naor Moshe Vilensky 1:51
3 Ma Nishtana From the Haggadah Traditional 2:08
4 Bezet Israel Mimitzraim From the Haggadah Yedidia Admon 2:08
5 Dayenu From the Haggadah Traditional 2:57
6 We Were Slaves From the Haggadah Shalom Postolsky 1:45
7 Be Joyful and Happy Benyamin Kaspi Nahum Nardi 1:38
8 Vehi Sheamda From the Haggadah Traditional 2:02
9 Who Knows One From the Haggadah Traditional 6:27
10 Four Brothers Naomi Shemer Naomi Shemer 2:18
11 Had Gadya Levin Kipnis Yedidia Admon 2:34
12 Moses in the Basket Kadish Yehuda Silman  Traditional 2:11
13 Eliyahu Hanavi Traditional Traditional 1:54

Production: Matan Ariel.
Musical Arrangement: Noam Zlatin
Singers: Matan Ariel and Tom Rahav.
Recording, mix and editing: Esta Studios, February 2002.
Technician: Noam Zlatin
Cover Drawing: Stav Goldstein.
Cover Design: Steimatzky Design Division.

Copyright: Matan Ariel. Copying, borrowing, public playing or broadcasting without permission are illegal.

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