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Birthday Songs

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  Title Lyrics Music Time
1 Only Once a Year Smadar Shir Moshe Datz 3:18
2 I Have a Birthday Yaakov Rotblit Zohar Levi 3:29
3 Birthday, Happy Birthday Benzion Raskin Popular 1:17
4 Birthday Today Benzion Raskin Varda Gilboa 1:14
5 Tru Truaa Popular Popular 1:33
6 Cake, Cake! Aaron Ashman Popular 1:35
7 Where Is The Cake? Smadar Shir Moshe Datz 1:40
8 What A Happy Day Talma Alyagon Rose Dafna Eilat 1:56
9 If You’re Happy And You Know It Datia Ben Dor Popular  1:41
10 I Have a Birthday Smadar Shir Moshe Datz 2:41
11 Gift From The Orchard Datia Ben Dor Datia Ben Dor 2:13
12 Birthday Gabriel Butler, Yaakov Oved, Yaakov Lamay, Yitzak Baranes & Moshe Datz Gabriel Butler, Yaakov Oved, Yaakov Lamay, Yitzak Baranes & Moshe Datz 2:52
13 Ruti’s Birthday Josef Cohen-Zedek Yitzhak Levi 1:56
14 Only On Your Birthday Ben Zion Raskin Popular 1:55
15 Happy Birthday To You Traditional Traditional 1:48

Production: Matan Ariel.
Musical Arrangement: Noam Zlatin.
Singers: Matan Ariel, Tom Rahav, Michal Kaplan, Ohad Segev and Svetlana Zon.
Recording, mix and editing: Esta Studios, May 2002.
Technicians: Noam Zlatin and Amitay Gat.
Cover Drawing: Stav Goldstein.
Cover Design: Steimatzky Design Division.

Copyright: Matan Ariel. Copying, borrowing, public playing or broadcasting without permission are illegal.

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