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Animal Symphony (DVD)

The “Animal Symphony” is a new DVD that will introduce your children to the masterpieces of classical music. Famous melodies of the world’s greatest composers are set against magnificent animal footage shot in Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo. A delight for children and parents alike!
Animal Symphony (DVD)
  “Animal Symphony” includes the following masterpieces:
1 Peer Gynt – Grieg
2 Suite for Orchestra No. 2 in B Minor – Bach
3 The Nutcracker – Tchaikovsky
4 Carmen – Bizet
5 Swan Lake – Tchaikovsky
6 Waltz No. 11 in G flat Major – Chopin
7 The Marriage of Figaro – Mozart
8 Wedding March (from A Midsummer Night's Dream) – Mendelssohn

Director: Eytan Schwartz.
Voices: Rafael and Ori Porag.
Cinematographers: Gil Somech and Amikam Shiloh.
Editor: Yuval Geva.
Producer: Michal Dagon.
Cover Design: Nili Cohen.

Suitable for toddlers 6 months and older.

Length: approximatly 25 minutes.

Copyright: Eytan Schwartz. Copying, borrowing, public playing or broadcasting without permission are illegal.

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