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Animal Songs (DVD)

Matan Ariel and his friends invite you to join them on a spectacular journey with cute animals and lovely songs! Following the success of the “Animal Songs” CDs, Matan and his friends perform the beloved songs as they explore the animal kingdom. A true gem!
Animal Songs (DVD)
  Title Lyrics Music Time
1 Horse Rider Chaim Nachman Bialik Daniel Sambursky 1:30
2 The Little Donkey Yehudit Sela Wiener Yekutiel Shor 1:31
3 The Porcupine Anda Amir Yitzhak Levi 1:25
4 The Little Bunny Benyamin Caspi Nahum Nardi 1:23
5 The Sparrow Anda Amir Yitzhak Edel 1:24
6 Joyous Chorus Leah Naor Nurit Hirsh 3:44
7 The Bird’s Nest Chaim Nachman Bialik Yitzhak Edel 2:00
8 Why Does The Zebra Wear Pajamas? Hillel Omer Dov Seltzer 3:18
9 What Do The Deer Do? Leah Goldberg Yoni Rechter 2:42
10 Baby Elephant Mordechai Zeira Mordechai Zeira 1:38
11 Noah Yoram Taharlev Matti Caspi 3:33
12 Dod Moshe (Old MacDonald)  Popular Popular 1:52

Script and direction: Eytan Schwartz.
Production: Michal Dagon.
Musical Arrangement: Chen Gusler.
Singers: Matan Ariel, Tom Rahav, Michal Kaplan and Ohad Segev.
Dancers: The “Studio Getz” children, choriographed by Shiri Getz.
Artistic Design: Idit Barak, "Delicatessen".
Cinematographers: Gil Somekh, Amikam Shiloh.
Sound: Danny Feldman.
Sound Technician: Zohar Zaltz.
Sound Recording: Eshel Studios, August 2002.
Cover Design: Nili Levi.

Length: approximatly 40 minutes.

Copyright: Matan Ariel and Eytan Schwartz. Copying, borrowing, public playing or broadcasting without permission are illegal.

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