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A Song is Born

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  Title Lyrics Music Time
1 Music (Up & Up) Mirit Shem-Or Zvika Pik 2:37
2 How a Song is Born Yehonatan Gefen Yoni Rechter 2:18
3 Music Man Gidi Shacham Arik Rudich 3:32
4 Do Re Mi Richard Rogers Oscar Hammerstein 2:56
5 In Praise of Samba Itzhak Klepter Itzhak Klepter 4:22
6 Be Happy and Dance Zeev Ullman & Yoram Zadok Zeev Ullman & Yoram Zadok 3:19
7 She Sat At The Piano Danny Sanderson Danny Sanderson 1:55
8 We Shall Not Stop Singing Haim Hefer Dubi Zeltser 2:27
9 Childhood Songs Uzi Hitman Uzi Hitman 2:38
10 Winter’s Tune Michal Kaplan Michal Kaplan 2:47
11 I Have A Small Bird At Heart Yigal Bashan & Yossi Banay Yigal Bashan 3:40
12 How Many Songs Are Left To Write? Matti Caspi Matti Caspi 3:11
13 My Mother Plays a Waltz Nurit Zarchi Menachem Wiesenberg 1:59
14 Samba Party Lea Shilon Henry Barter 2:18

Production: Matan Ariel.
Musical Arrangement:
Elad Adar.
Singers: Matan Ariel, Michal Kaplan, Tom Rahav, Ohad Segev and Elad Adar.
Technicians: Zohar Zaltz.
Eshel Studios, August 2004.
Language Advisor: Yossi Mishan.
Cover Design: Steimatzky Design Division.
Cover Drawing: Stav Goldstein.

Copyright: Matan Ariel. Copying, borrowing, public playing or broadcasting without permission are illegal.

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